The Institute of Health Law (IDS), founded in 1993 by Prof. Olivier Guillod and Prof. Dominique Sprumont, is a University Institute affiliated with the Faculty of Law of the University of Neuchâtel. Unique within Switzerland, the IDS is recognised as one of the University of Neuchâtel’s Centres of Excellence.

The IDS aims to develop and disseminate teaching, research and academic exchanges relating to Health Law. It regularly organises conferences and seminars on issues within the law, biomedical sciences and ethics. It operates in a multidisciplinary manner, and encourages a comparative approach to the law.

The Institute regularly publishes books and its own review in the field of Health Law.

The IDS is partnered with the following institutions:







Les inscriptions pour le CAS "Droit pharmaceutique et des biotechnologies" sont ouvertes jusqu'au 15 février 2017.

Des places sont encore disponibles!

MAS/DAS/CAS in Health Law

The IDS has contributed an edited volume to the Swiss Society of Legal Practitioners (Société suisse des Juristes), entitled "Réflexions romandes en droit de la santé" [Reflections on Health Law from French-speaking Switzerland], edited by Prof. Anne-Sylvie Dupont and Prof. Olivier Guillod. It can be ordered here.

Le site internet du projet sur la reconnaissance juridique des proches aidants en droit comparé franco-suisse (PROXIJURIS) est accessible en ligne ici.