Research projects

The IDS undertakes research in various fields within Health Law.

The most important projects are financed by Swiss and European public research support bodies. Others lead to doctoral theses, or, on an ad hoc basis, academic contributions appearing in specialist books and journals (see IDS publications).

Examples of current or completed research projects:

  • Dominique Sprumont, Géraldine Marks Sultan, Vladislava Talanova et Natacha Joset, “Legal Epidemiology for Accelerating the Implementation of International Health Regulations in the European Region” in collaboration with the Center for Public Health Law Research, Temple University (USA) as well as Legal and Public Health experts in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Serbia.

The Institute of Health Law is pleased to share the results of the pilot phase of the project “Legal Epidemiology for Accelerating the Implementation of International Health Regulations in the European Region”.

Accelerating the Implementation of International Health Regulations in the European Region

After the development of a knowledge database on the regulation of biobanks in Europe, this project is a new illustration of the use of this innovative legal approach for analyzing national public health laws in a multi-country setting. The focus, decided in collaboration with WHO/Euro, is here on the International Health Regulations (2005), a binding international legal instrument that allows State parties to organize to prevent, control and respond to the cross-border spread of diseases, irrespective of their origin or source.

With the financial support of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and WHO/Euro, this first step has been implemented between October 2018 and March 2019 in four countries, selected to initiate the process: Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Switzerland.

The project is now going to be expanded to other countries in the WHO European region and in this respect, any interested country can contact the IDS to get any complementary information.

  • Cédric Baume, The legal recognition of close caregivers in french-swiss comparative law (PROXIJURIS), in collaboration with the Social Law Center of University of Aix-Marseille (AMU). Project website. Supervised by Professeur Olivier Guillod

  • Yannick SOLLBERGER Analyse juridique de la lutte contre le commerce de contrefaçon de médicaments. [A legal analysis of the fight against the black market for medication.] Supervised by Professor Daniel Kraus. Research project on L'évaluation de la place des sciences humaines et sociales dans la formation et la pratique des professionnels de la santé [Evaluating the role of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the training and practice of healthcare professionals], in collaboration with the Institute of Health Law of the University of Neuchâtel, the Haute Ecole de Santé at Fribourg and the Haute Ecole at Bern, supported by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. Supervised by Professor Dominique Sprumont. Research project on La formation et les ressources pour l'évaluation éthique de la recherche [Training and resources for the ethical evaluation of research] - TRREE (EDCTP/FNRS/ASSM/KFP). Supervised by Professor Dominique Sprumont

  • Research project on L'accès aux médicaments dans les pays en développement [Access to medication in the developing countries] - ATP access to pharmaceuticals (seventh EU framework programme). Supervised by Professor Daniel Kraus