The Institute

  •   Organisation
  • The principal bodies of the IDS are the Institute Council and the directorate.

    The directorate is led by Prof. Sabrina Burgat, Anne-Sylvie Dupont, Sandra Hotz (President) and Melanie Levy.

    The Institute Council currently has the following members:

  • Philippe Bauer, lawyer, Neuchâtel
  • Véronique Boillet, prof. in the Faculty of Law, Criminal Sciences and Public Administration
  • Nathalie Brunner, scientific collaborator, lawyer
  • Evelyne Clerc, prof in the Faculty of Law, University of Neuchâtel, Chair of the IDS Board
  • Valérie Défago, prof. in the Faculty of Law, University of Neuchâtel, lawyer, dean
  • Samia Hurst, prof. director of the Institut Ethics History Humanities (iEH2), Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva
  • Joachim Marti, prof. Faculté de biologie et de médecine - UniSanté, University of Lausanne
  • Klaus Zuberbühler, prof. at the Laboratory of Comparative Cognition - Institute of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Neuchâtel

The Institute of Health Law’s regulations can be viewed here.

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