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The University of Neuchâtel and the environment

Know your ecological footprint? Aiming to be waste-neutral? Care about environmental issues? Then the UniNE is the place for you: the drive towards sustainable development is written into the University’s charter.

In practice, sustainable development is reflected in the themes of our research and teaching, our resource management, collaborations, academic prizes, the support structures which the University puts in place, and the projects initiated by student associations.


The UniNE encourages mobility with specific policies such as free-to-ride bicycles, bicycle repair workshops managed by students, and low-cost car-sharing facilities using Mobility vehicles.


Across the campus, you will find Ecopoints, mini-recycling points located in each building, as well as boxes provided for recycling pens.

Prizes and projects

The UniNE encourages initiatives across the University community when it comes to sustainable development, such as the award of a sustainable development prize and participation in U Change, a programme which supports student initiatives for sustainable development.

Get involved

With student associations, on-campus projects and Sustainability Week, students can take real action to support sustainable development.

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