Get involved on campus

Défilé des société d'étudiants au Dies academicus

Student associations

Joining an association is a great way to get involved in student life – and to get to know people who share your interests and values.

It is also a great way to learn new skills, whether in organisation, project management or teamwork. The UniNE has some fifteen student associations, as well as three student societies, with a variety of different remits:

  • Representative associations defending students’ rights and representing them on the University Council (FEN, etc.)
  • Faculty associations promoting cohesion between the students of given disciplines (ANED, ANEL, ANES, ANESE, etc.)
  • International associations promoting the exchange of ideas between students and encouraging international collaboration (ELSA, ESN)
  • Alumni associations (SAN, UniNExt, SNSE)
  • Associations committed to certain causes, such as solidarity, society or the environment (AED, GESEPI, GRAMU, Migr’action, VegaNeuch)
  • Professional associations: Jeune Consulting
  • Leisure associations, ranging from sports and culture to festivals (Pierrot Productions, Secomania)
  • Societies (Zofingue, Belles-Lettres, Hétaïra)