Enrolment process

Une étudiante et un étudiant s'inscrivent à l'UniNE

Once you have familiarised yourself with the conditions of admission, send your application file to the Registration office. This file consists of an enrolment form (paper or online version) as well as various other documents.

Admission requirements

To enrol at the UniNE, you must have an upper secondary school-leaving certificate, or a qualification deemed equivalent. Particular conditions may apply according to the country in which the diploma was issued.

If you have already undertaken university studies without obtaining a qualification, your application may be subject to certain restrictions. Swiss applicants without high school diplomas may submit an application file under certain conditions and according to certain processes (interviews and exams).

Application fees

  • Swiss diplomas
    There are no application fees for holders of Swiss diplomas.
  • Foreign diplomas
    A payment of CHF 100.- is levied for holders of foreign diplomas. This amount is deducted from the first round of university fees paid by applicants who are successfully admitted to the UniNE.

Enrolment deadlines

In principle, studies begin in the autumn semester; however, in some cases, it is possible to start in the spring semester.

Application deadlines for Bachelor programmes

  • Fall semester : April 30th
  • Spring semester : Novembrer 30th
  • Medical School : Fall semester : February 15th www.swissuniversities.ch
  • Institute of French Language and Civilization : Fall semester : August 15th - Spring semester : December 31th

Application deadlines for Master programmes

  • Fall semester : April 30th
  • Spring semester : November 30th
  • Master of Arts in Speech and Language Therapy : Fall semester : March 10th



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