Innovative Bachelor and Master programmes

Une étudiante choisit sa formation

The UniNE offers a huge range of Bachelor programmes, in many disciplines and with various orientations, and thirty different Master programmes. In addition, some six hundred doctoral students follow doctoral programmes in innovative fields which respond to the needs of “Society 4.0”.

These fields of study are all central to the UniNE’s specialist themes, which can be broadly grouped into the following four categories: the issues of digitisation; the challenge of sustainable development; creative responses to emerging questions; and humanity at the heart of our research.

Programmes by faculty

  • FLSH – Faculty of Arts and Humanities

    Faculty of Arts and Humanities

    Faculté des lettres et sciences humainesThe Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLSH) allows students to follow an à la carte curriculum. A Bachelor degree can include two or three disciplines, chosen from twenty on offer, according to the student’s interests, skills and professional projects. For Master’s students, there is a choice between two interdisciplinary Master programmes and seven specialised, interfaculty and inter-university Master programmes.

  • FS – Faculty of Science

    Faculty of Science

    Faculté des sciences The Faculty of Science (FS) offers five high-quality Bachelor programmes responding to current and future issues in the world of science. These can be followed by one of the nine Master programmes on offer, from Biology, Biogeosciences and Psychology of Labour and Organisations to Information Technology, Hydrogeology and Geothermics. Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences can also be taken in the first foundation year of a Bachelor degree.

  • FD – Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Law

    Faculté de droitThe tuition offered by the Faculty of Law (FD) is a vital component of a complete legal education. Bachelor degree graduates have a choice between five Master programmes, of which two are bilingual, in conjunction with the University of Lucerne and King’s College London. The FL also provides programmes which are unique not just within Switzerland but also within Europe: Comparative Health Law, in conjunction with King’s College London and the University of Paris Descartes, as well as with the UniNE’s other faculties.

  • FSE – Faculty of Economics and Business

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Faculté des sciences économiquesAt the Faculty of Economics and Business (FSE), students learn how to analyse economic activity and study its societal consequences. In the third year of the Bachelor programme, students can begin to specialise, choosing from five different orientations. Students can further hone their skills with six Master programmes, such as the interfaculty Master in Innovation, the professional Master in Journalism and Communication, and the Master in General Management, also open to non-economists. English is frequently used at the FSE, particularly at Master’s level.

Interfaculty programmes

With tomorrow’s need for multidisciplinary skills, the UniNE also offers many interfaculty programmes, such as:

Professional programmes

To respond to the needs of the labour market, the UniNE provides students with the opportunity to follow their Bachelor degrees with professional Master programmes:

Tuition adapted to your needs

For professional sportspeople, the UniNE’s ‘sport-study’ concept combines high-level sport with academic study.

For those who wish to study part-time, programmes can be adapted with faculty consent.

Other needs?