Grammar for Academic Purposes - Flexi-course

Practical information

  • Teacher:           Lise-Marie Moser
  • Level:               C1-C2
  • Classroom:     Online
  • Address:          -
  • Time:               Thursday 5:15 - 6pm
  • Dates:              From 23 September to 23 December, 2021
  • Credits :           2 ECTS
  • Price:               Students/doctoral students UniNE, PATB : CHF 126.-
                             Academic Staff UniNE : CHF 168.-
                             Alumni UniNE, SAN : CHF 188.-
                             Students other institutions (EPFL, HE-Arc, etc.) : CHF 188.-
                             Staff other institutions : CHF 202.-

Advanced Bachelor’s and Master’s students, doctoral students.
Advanced learners willing to deepen their understanding of English grammar with a view to using the language in an English-speaking academic environment.

There are no special entry requirements except for the students’ level of English.
The course is aimed at students whose proficiency level is at least B2. If you are not sure of your level, you can check the evaluation forms on our page “Enseignement.”

The course will allow students to :

  • write in accurate English
  • adopt a style appropriate to academic contexts
  • use their detailed understanding of English syntax to write confidently in English for academic purposes

Flexi-cours: the course takes place every week for 45 minutes. Students are required to do autonomous work on the course book as well as on extra material.

The course covers key grammatical areas needed for academic communication (noun phrases, conditionals, relative clauses and adverb position, to quote but a few). Discussion of the grammar points is followed by extensive practice, including typical advanced tasks such as rephrasing and error correction.


Students will receive 2 ECTS credits at the end of the course providing they attend regularly, hand in a satisfactory ePortfolio and pass the end-of-course test. Please note that the recognition of these credits by the student's own Faculty falls outside the remit of the Centre de langues.



Supplementary material will be provided in the form of photocopied handouts.

Please make sure you get a copy of the coursebook before the start of classes.
To order, please use the ISBN number above.

The course book can be purchased online from http://www.buch.ch

English Tutorial

English tutorials are held 4 hours/week during the semester :
Tuesday : 17h00 - 19h00
Wednesday : 12h00 - 14h00