Do you know your level in L2 ?

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Discover your level in English and German

Knowing English and German is a plus when looking for a job in Switzerland. English fluency is of course required to attend several curricula in Switzerland and abroad. But do you really know your level?

A student out of high school in Switzerland should technically have B2 in German and English. However, it has been noted that it is now always the case as some students attended a bilingual curriculum and know more while others are bad at languages and know less. Moreover, if you do not practice, a level you have once reached can become unattainable.

The Language Centre offers since November 15 2022 for everyone at the university the opportunity to test your level in English and German. After this test, a short interview will give you information on the offer available at the UniNE to strengthen your language skills and to certify them officially.

For German, we offer an online test that you can take from home on the Altissia platform and which tests your skills in grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading. You will get your results during a short interview with someone from the LC who will show you available materials to work on the skills you need to strengthen.

For English, you will come to the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.) to test your grammar and listening. You can come at any time during the week in the EMA opening hours. Then you will fill in a form and choose a date and time for an individual meeting which will test your oral skills and will be followed by a feedback on your level and a presentation of the activities offered by the CdL to work on the skills you need to strengthen.

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