Master in Applied Economics


Programme objectives

The MScAPEC programme provides students with the opportunity to acquire an extensive knowledge in economics at the advanced level while specialising in economic policy analysis. The emphasis is put on core competencies which are directly applicable to the workplace. The programme content is based on solid theoretical underpinnings and cutting-edge skills while covering a wide range of policy applications.


New programme

The programme of the master will be modified at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year. The new curriculum will offer more options to the students as well as the possibility to specialise in a specific major:

  • Public Finance and Regulation
  • Energy and Environmental Policies 
  • Trade and Migration Policies


Acquired skills

The Master of Science in Applied Economics provides students with a unique opportunity to follow a challenging graduate programme in a first-class Swiss institution with a focus on applied economics, and develop the skills required for a well-grounded economic policy analysis using appropriate theoretical and empirical tools. The originality of the programme is its focus on the economic role of the State, with an appropriate mix of lecturers combining both academic rigor and real world expertise. Economic and financial problems are heavily debated in modern medias, but even if crucial, the role of State interventions in market-based economies is often difficult to identify and evaluate. Economics is the key discipline to understand the in-depth rationale of such interventions. Students are made familiar with economic tools and reasoning, so that they can identify quickly and confidently what are the main issues, the relevant orders of magnitude, and the most efficient remedies. From climate change to population ageing, a large array of topics are discussed and analyzed, in order to enlarge the understanding and the advisory capacity of our graduate students.

Course structure

In contrast to the majority of comparable programmes, the MScAPEC is normally completed in 3 semesters only, the last semester being devoted to the thesis and therefore not requiring class attendance. Motivated students can even finish the programme within a year by starting to work on the thesis during the first two semesters. Thanks to the concentration of lectures on 3-4 days per week, the central location of Neuchâtel and its excellent railway connections, the programme can be easily attended by commuters. Upon request, the curriculum can be completed on a part-time basis for those who pursue a professional activity in parallel.


Interactive teaching

Covering a wide spectrum of areas, the programme ensures that students acquire the knowledge corresponding to the needs of their future employers and are therefore immediately and fully prepared for employment upon graduation. Through the realization of the master’s thesis, students are trained to become autonomous researchers. They can also choose to combine their master’s thesis with an internship in a public or private institution.

Thanks to their small size which facilitates teacher-student interactions, the University of Neuchâtel and its Faculty of Economics offer exceptionally favourable conditions for a successful and timely completion of studies. Throughout the programme, students enjoy maximum support and close supervision by the teaching staff. All courses are interactive and promote active student participation. An online evaluation system allows students to express their views on the courses they attended and make suggestions for further improvement.

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Degree awarded
Master of Science in Applied Economics
90 ECTS, 3 semesters
Teaching language

Information to the candidates

The programme of this master is a modified version of the earlier Master in economics (MScECON) that existed prior to 2017. The new curriculum offers more options to the students as well as the possibility to specialise in a specific major. More information


Information Sheet

Master in Science in Economics, major in Economic Policy

The new programme will be available soon

Career opportunities

  • International organizations
  • NGOs
  • Private firms
  • Financial institutions

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