Scholarships and academic awards



There are several types of scholarships that can be granted to students:

  • Cantonal scholarships
  • Confederation scholarships
  • Deanship private scholarships and subsidies
  • Mobility scholarships: swissuniversities website

For more information, visit the website of the Social Office.

Academic scholarships

  • Prix Banques Neuchâteloises

    The Association Cantonale des Banques Neuchâteloises provides a yearly excellence scholarship worth CHF 5'000.--. It aims to support a student of the Master of Science in Finance, especifically to help them carry out their Master thesis in Neuchâtel.

    The 2020 laureates of this scholarship are Christophe Hurter and Christophe Tatasciore.

  • Swiss Study Foundation

    The Foundation encourages and awards scholarships to students and PhD students who are particularly talented and deserving. Its objective is to support young people who can and wish to take responsibilities in our society. The Swiss Study Foundation offers, among others, a wide range of complementary and interdisciplinary formations and an individual programme of encouragement as well as advice for personal projects. More information on the programme and the terms of admission on the Swiss Study Foundation website.

Academic awards

  • Prix Henri Grandjean

    CHF 500.--,  rewards the best work related to an economic or social issue.

    Laureates 2020: Rita Mairam Ischkanian Schmutz and Anthony Nguyen.

  • Prix Guido Pult

    CHF 1’000.--, rewards the student who has obtained the highest grade average in his/her Bachelor studies in Economics and Business, major in Economic Policy.

    Laureate 2020: Benjamin Ignoto.

  • Prix de la Société Neuchâteloise des Sciences Économiques (SNSE)

    CHF 1'000.--, rewards the student who has obtained the highest grade average in his/her Bachelor studies, all majors.

    Laureate 2020: Benjamin Ignotoa.

  • Prix ARCINFO

    CHF 1'000.--, rewards either the student who, at the end of his/her two years of journalism studies, has obtained the highest grade average within the courses of the programme of this training; or the student who will have presented a quality thesis in relation with the media, its history, its evolution or the law that governs it.

    Laureate 2020: Julie Bianchin.

  • Prix May Rosset-Reutter

    Every 3 years. It is designed to reward the best PhD thesis, presented in economics, political science and social sciences, whose regulation copies have been submitted in the three years before its date of issue.

  • Prix des sports (interfacultaire)

    CHF 500.--, Fonds du recteur, aims to reward a student or a team of students - or other people engaged in university sports. This prize will be handed to the person or the team who, by their results, skills, commitment and behaviour contributed to the propagation of a healthy and positive sports ethics.

  • Prix interdisciplinaire du développement durable

    CHF 2'500.--, aims to reward the two best Master thesis addressing a theme related to sustainable development.

    Laureate 2018: Nathan Delacrétaz.

  • Credit Suisse Award for best teaching

    The Credit Suisse Foundation grants yearly a prize of CHF 10'000.-- to the teacher who, in one of the faculties of the University of Neuchâtel, distinguishes her/himself by the excellency of her/his commitment and the interest of her/his pedagogical vision.

    Laureate 2020: Prof. Michele Bee.

  • Prix Nexans

    Le Prix Nexans 2019 récompense Sylvain Weber, chercheur post-doctoral à l’Institut de recherches économiques de l’Université de Neuchâtel (IRENE) et spécialiste dans les domaines de l’économie de l’énergie et de l’économie du travail.

Academic awards 2020


Prix Henri Grandjean

Rita Mairam Ishkanian Schmutz and Anthony Nguyen (photo)




Prix Guido Pult

Benjamin Ignoto