PhD in Social Work

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  • One of a kind programme in Switzerland
  • Open to students with a master degree in Social Work from a Swiss university of Applied Sciences or a master degree in Social Sciences, Law or Economics from a Swiss university


In partnership with the Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES) this programme: 

  • Contributes to the interdisciplinary study of social problems, their developments and dynamics. 
  • Focuses on affected individuals, families, groups and communities and provides knowledge about their experiences, their constructions of meaning and their ways of dealing with disadvantage and exclusion. 
  • Engages in analysis and reflection on social action and creates - through evaluation and systematic intervention research - a scientific basis for evidence-based professional intervention and the development and innovation of social work offerings. 
  • Produces knowledge about social work organisations and contextualises them within the landscape of available services and in relation to the social security system. 

PhD programme at the ITTS


Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES)