HEP additional training


Admission requirements for the discipline "économie et droit"

To teach the discipline « économie et droit » in secondary II, candidates holder of a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business (180 ECTS) should meet the following additional requirements:

  • 30 ECTS in law (bachelor level)
  • 30 ECTS in corporate economy (économie d'entreprise) (master level)
  • 30 ECTS in economic policy (économie politique) (master level)

It is therefore possible to anticipate these credits, in the 3rd year of Bachelor of Law, by following elective courses (24 ECTS).


Mandatory courses (ECTS) - CDIP goals

  • Droit civil I (6 ECTS) : Personnes et protection de l'adulte
  • Droit civil II (6 ECTS) : Famille
  • Droit des contrats (6 ECTS)
  • Droit constitutionnel I (6 ECTS) : Institutions

Total : 24 ECTS

In case of scheduling conflicts it is possible, with the dean's approval, to take the following course(s):

  • Droit constitutionnel II (8 ECTS) : Procédure et droits fondamentaux
  • Droit civil IV (6 ECTS) : Droit des successions
  • Principes généraux de la propriété intellectuelle (3 ECTS)
  • Droit des obligations (13 ECTS)