The Faculty


Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers courses designed to be relevant to the businesses and societies of today and tomorrow. Its institutes cover a wide range of teaching and research areas that are in tune with current issues: finance, management, innovation, economic policy, journalism and communication.

The international dimension of the Faculty of Economics and Business is underlined by the regular use of English as a language of instruction at both Master's and Bachelor's level, and by the fact that participation in international exchanges is strongly encouraged.

The aim of studies in economics is to analyse economic activity, including households, businesses, public administrations, etc. 

The range of issues addressed is very broad, from financial management to the internationalisation of SMEs, as well as state intervention in market processes, institutional communication, consumer behaviour and social work, all of which contribute to solving social problems.

The teaching of journalism and communication combines high-level theoretical and practical approaches, while including the economic and managerial environment of the sector.