Academic year 2022-2023

Fall semester 2022

  • 20 September: beginning of courses
  • 20 September - 15 October: course registration period
  • 23 December: end of courses

Spring semester 2022

  • 20 February: beginning of courses
  • 20 February - 17 March: course registration period
  • 7 - 14 April: Easter break
  • 2 June: end of courses

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Important information


  • All registrations must be saved on the IS-Academia system, plateform for the official registration.
  • Obligation to register at the start of the semester, for each course that students wish to follow, within the deadlines given by the academic calendar.
  • Registration for the course is unique, it can only be done once.
  • When the course is registered, the exam is automatically registered for the session which immediately follows the end of the course.


Thesis / internship

  • You must register for the course and the evaluation within the session for which you wish to validate your credits.
  • August-September session: registration is not possible via IS-Academia. Ask for registration via email to

Extracurricular courses

  • Registration is not possible via IS-Academia.
  • Ask for registration for the course via email to, joining an email of the person responsible for the programme or the academic advisor allowing you to follow the course.

Extra-muros courses

  • No automatic registration for the exam for extra-muros courses.
  • Students must register on their own for exams taken outside of the faculty, respecting the information and deadlines given by the faculty where the course is followed.


  • When you are done with your course registrations, you must click on the button to save your registrations, for each semester on which you registered for courses.

Control and evidence

  • Print your registration(s) every semester to keep a written trace.
  • The PDF button creates a PDF file, per semester, summarizing the registrations.
  • Only this PDF file is admitted as evidence.
  • The secretariat of the faculty does not confirm any registrations.

Course descriptions

Academic tools

See all the tools (Academia, IS-Academia, descriptifs des cours, Moodle, Pidex, Pidho, Pidhox, Webmail)