Writing your thesis at home

Some doctoral students are not dependent or only partially dependent on a university. Those working part-time generally write their thesis at home on the days of the week when they are free.

Time management then becomes crucially important insofar as it is the sole responsibility of the doctoral student. Indeed, while they have more autonomy than assistants do to plan their working time as they wish, not being tied to the working hours of a laboratory or section means finding your own working rhythm that can be maintained over the long term.

Some tips for finding your rhythm :

  • Some doctoral students adopt rituals that allow them to structure their day (meals and coffee breaks at set times, activity X at a certain time of day, etc.) ;
  • For some people, following « office hours » has proved to be a solution. But trying to stick to such a schedule at all costs can be counterproductive ;
  • However, being out of step with the rest of society on a long-term basis can be very depressing. It is therefore a good idea to establish a work schedule that allows you to pursue the social activities you enjoy (meals with friends, community, cultural and leisure activities, outings, etc.) ;
  • Don’t forget that there are different supervision facilities that allow you to meet and socialise with other doctoral students with whom it can be rewarding to share your experiences.