Dual career couples

In higher education, partners frequently pursue parallel academic careers. They are referred to as dual career couples.

Together with research conditions, reputation and chances of promotion, the conditions of their personal life also weigh in the balance for scientists when choosing a place of work Good career prospects for the partner are often a deciding factor when choosing a new professional environment.

It should however be noted that in the large number of relocations usually involved in the construction of academic careers, it is often women who accept sacrifices. Equal opportunities offices of universities can supply information on this subject and seek appropriate solutions.

To attract highly qualified candidates, some private companies, administrations and scientific institutions have implemented measures designed to support dual career couples.

In Switzerland, thought is also being given to this subject within universities, which are beginning to set up advisory and support structures, for example at « welcome centres ». 

Raising this question during the recruitment process enables solutions to be envisaged as early as possible for the partner concerned.

To find out more
The carrière2  website  (in French) was specially designed to help dual career couples in their institutional and social integration.

The University of Lausanne also offers more information on its page about Dual career couples.