Origin of the site

The content that forms this site originates mainly from experience accumulated in various programmes developed by partner institutions of the BULA  (Bureaux de l'égalité des hautes écoles de la Suisse latine) over several years.

The section concerning the doctorate is largely based on a mentoring programme for women starting their thesis StartingDoc . Within the framework of this programme, everything you need to know to ensure the successful completion of a thesis is discussed, such as the stages of the academic career path, the rights of researchers, organisation of work between research and teaching, setting-up of networks, colloquiums and publications, balancing professional and private life, etc.

The experience of the Réseau romand de mentoring  for doctoral students who have completed their thesis and postdoctoral students forms the starting point for several other sections of the site. RRM programme participants share expectations and questions concerning for example the daily life of the academic career and its various stages, scientific networks and their importance in a researcher’s career, showcasing of research in academic journals or colloquiums, grant applications, etc.

These questions and the type of advice sought have enabled us to define the difficulties and doubts of young researchers confronted with today’s academic world.

The questions discussed at meetings of StartingDoc or the Réseau romand de mentoring have been summarised in two guides, also financed by the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme  and published by the BULA: