A mobilty project calls for an important volume of preparatory work.

Preparation implies scientific, personal, administrative, financial (etc.) dimensions and should not be overlooked.

It also implies taking some distance with immediate concerns to project into the future, a process that can be useful beyond the mobility project per se.


In very broad strokes, it is necessary to take the following into account:

  • the choice of the host institution (specific tools & data, possible collaborations, prestige)
  • preparing the move (logistically, administratively, but also socially)
  • preparing the arrival in the host country / institution
  • the scientific / professional aims of the mobility project
  • family / partner
  • the return

Do not forget that you are not alone when undertaking this preparation work. In each university there are resource persons (grant's commission, advanced researchers with first hand experience, your thesis director, etc.). In the target universities, the Welcome center, the human resources service and your scientific contacts can help you.

The following document presents questions pertaining to such topics in more detail (in French)