Publishing: where and how ?

Journals are not all « rated » in the same way. In certain disciplines, despite the criticism it arouses, the impact factor, which measures the importance of a journal according to quantitative criteria, establishes a hierarchy among journals.

In all disciplines, peer-reviewed journals are more highly regarded than others.

Strictly from the academic career point of view, it is advisable to target the best « rated » journals in your discipline, bearing in mind that some of these dissemination channels operate on the basis of co-option and that unsolicited contributions are only rarely accepted.

It frequently happens that thesis supervisors suggest to their doctoral students that they should co-publish an article (particularly in the hard sciences, where co-publications are the norm). Such opportunities should not be missed, as they are a good way of getting known.

Thesis supervisors and more experienced colleagues are very good sources of information regarding ways of making your work more visible. They also know the degree of recognition of journals and colloquiums/seminars that are likely to accept contributions from doctoral students.

However, since professors are not always in precisely the same field as their doctoral students and do not necessarily know all the networks that might prove useful, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact other people to obtain information. It’s also useful to subscribe to distribution lists that regularly feature calls for contributions in a particular field or discipline.

Furthermore, communicating your research results to a non-academic audience by publishing in association or scientific popularisation journals can be a source of personal gratification, even though these channels may be less recognised by the academic world. This can also help to extend your network outside academia and open professional doors to those not wishing to pursue an academic career.

The PHD2Published site offers advice for the publication of a first academic work (very often derived from the thesis) and various strategic considerations for the enhancement of publications.