Specific knowledge / methodology

A young researcher is supposed to be capable of making their contribution to the scientific field in which they work. This implies specialised knowledge of the concepts and methods specific to this field.

During the postdoctoral phase, these skills are refined to include originality and creativity in research, particularly the ability to develop and/or coordinate multidisciplinary research.

To make all this possible, you must be able to keep abreast of developments in the field and your own discipline and related ones. You must also be capable of formulating hypotheses, gathering data with a coherent methodology, interpreting data and understanding the limits (and interest for others) of the results obtained.

Regardless of the professional field, whether scientific or not, mastering information that is perpetually evolving, understanding a specialised language, formulating hypotheses, imagining original and realistic methods to attain objectives or coordinate « multidisciplinary » partnerships, for example, are important transversal skills that complement specific knowledge relating to a given field.