Leaving the world of academia

A large proportion of PhD holders do not pursue an academic career for different reasons that vary according to life course, discipline, etc.

By way of example, among the PhD holders who responded to a survey conducted in 2007 and 2008 of the situation of doctoral students in Switzerland, 40% of PhD holders were active in scientific research after graduation, but this figure drops to about 20-30% within 5 years. (Source: Rapport sur le doctorat 2008, CRUS). 

Furthermore, since the Bologna Reform, the question of the employability of university and HES graduates, as well as young PhD holders and researchers, has become a key political issue.
For these reasons, we thought it useful to include in the site for young academics some pointers for those preparing to leave the university environment for the non-academic job market.

The site Leaving Academia offers tips, personal accounts and advice for those who envisage leaving the academic world.

The site  Beyond the PHD  offers, amongst other things, excellent articles analysing the career prospects for arts and humanities PhD graduates.