Stochastic Hydrogeology and Geostatistics

Stochastic Hydrogeology

The main aim of the Stochastic Hydrogeology and Geostatistics Lab is to develop innovative theories and high performance computing software for the stochastic characterization of hydrogeological systems and the integration of a wide range of data (geology, geophysics, hydrogeology).

In this framework, our research focuses on methods allowing the integration of geological and conceptual knowledge in the modelling of aquifer heterogeneity by developing new multiple-point statistics and pseudo genetic techniques. The applications of these methods allow us to model a wide range of geological environments from alluvial aquifers to karst systems with a high degree of realism. In a second step, these models are used as a base to analyse the impact of heterogeneity on natural systems and processes such as sea water intrusion into coastal aquifers, stream-aquifer interaction, or CO2 sequestration.