Continuing Education


The scientific bases and methodologies in hydrogeology and geothermics are rapidly evolving. Furthermore, the type of questions addressed by specialists in hydrogeology and geothermists evolve due to shifting demands by society or introduction of new legislation.

To transmit new knowledge and support specialists in addressing new challenges, the CHYN offers are range of continuing education activities. These include certificate of advanced studies (CAS) programs and short courses of several days. A CAS program provides intensive training on a specific topic and includes at least 10 ECTS of courses (=at least 14 days) followed by an exam and/or a personal project. Currently the CHYN offers two CAS program, one on the management of contaminated sites and another one on deep geothermal resources.




Gestion des Sites Pollués



Exploration and Developpement of Deep Geothermal Systems



Water And Sanitation Engineering - From Emergeny Towards Development