Quantitative Hydrogeology

quantitative hydrogeology

Numerous hydrogeological problems need to be addressed quantitatively when specific insights are required for the understanding of aquifer dynamics and proper decision making. Models based on mathematical physics and numerical simulation methods are particularly useful when tackling a range of environmental and hydrogeological engineering issues, where groundwater flow and associated transport phenomena play a central role.

The Quantitative Hydrogeology Lab focuses on the analysis of hydro-thermo-chemical and hydro-mechanical processes, and on the design of computational methods and tools for real-world applications at various spaciale and temporal scales. Special emphasis is placed on reservoir hydrodynamics and parametric uncertainties, variably-saturated and density-driven flows, contaminant migration from waste repositories, pollution source identification, groundwater age and transit times, hydro-thermal and hydro-mechanical impacts of tunnelling in the Alpine context, coastal hydrogeology, and heat and solute recycling in multiple-well systems.