Main projects

Ensemble project

The Stochastic Hydrogeology Group coordinates the ENSEMBLE project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Its aim is to integrate the latest developments in the fields of alluvial geology, geostatistics, geophysics, numerical modeling, physics and mathematics to increase our ability to understand and predict complex hydrological systems. The project involve 6 universities in Switzerland and the US.

More information : http://www.ensemble-modeling.org

Xibalba project

In this project, the aim is to understand groundwater flow and karst network formations in the region of Tulum, Mexico. This project is done in close collaboration with the Austrian Geological Survey in Vienna. The research questions are related to the processes that lead to the formation of one of the largest submarine karst system in the world.

More information : http://xibalba.geophysik.at/Project.html

Rainbow project

Multiple point statistics, and especially the direct sampling technique can be used to model not only geological heterogeneity but also climatic variables. In this project, we test how the direct sampling can perform for those type of variables. This seems to be specially interesting since it requires a minimum effort of statistical inference.