Past Master Theses


  • Tschannen Eliane: Hydrogeologische Untersuchung des Grundwasserleiters im Muotathal. Encadrants: Prof. Philip Brunner et Prof. Daniel Hunkeler


  • Isenschmid Flavia: Assessing the remediation of an aquifer - aquitard system contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons. Encadrant: Prof. Daniel Hunkeler
  • Lindegger Roman: Contribution to the hydrogeological investigation of the Plaine de l'Areuse aquifer. Encadrants: Prof. titulaire Pierre Perrochet et Prof. titulaire Ellen Milnes


  • Rüegg Arnaud: Data acquisition and numerical modeling for thermally induced breakout experiment. Encadrants: Prof. Benoît Valley et Dr. Reza Sohrabi