The conferences will be held in the Louis Guillaume Aula – F200, UniMail, Rue Emile Argand 11, 2000 Neuchâtel, from 16:15 to 17:00.

  Date   Titre   Intervenant  Webex online
05.03.2024 Résolution du problème inverse par méthode géostatistique et réseaux de neurones profonds Dany Lauzon https://unine.webex.com/meet/philippe.renard
12.03.2024 TBD Marc Müller https://unine.webex.com/meet/landon.halloran
19.03.2024 Geomechanical characterisation of the Bedretto laboratory Kai Bröker https://unine.webex.com/meet/benoit.valley
02.04.2024 Easter - No Seminar    
09.04.2024 Institute meeting - No Seminar    


23.04.2024 Fractures and their ancestors: The multi-scale expressions and mechanisms of structural inheritance Anindita Samsu https://unine.webex.com/meet/celia.trunz
30.04.2024 Application example of the open-source HydroModPy tool Ronan Abherve https://unine.webex.com/meet/clement.roques

THU 02.05.2024

12:15 - 13:15 : Biology seminar in Geobiology from Cara Magnabosco (ETHZ) (details TBD) Cara Magnabosco  
07.05.2024 Feasibility of a planned CO2 injection test in northern Switzerland Larryn Diamond https://unine.webex.com/meet/stephen.miller

MON 13.05.2024

Darcy Lecture Matt Becker https://unine.webex.com/meet/stephen.miller


Preliminary title : fracture networks and permeability in the Muschelkalk Allanah Brett https://unine.webex.com/meet/benoit.valley