Masset, Olivier


My research project focuses on the physical and chemical impact of the third River Rhone Correction (R3) on groundwater. The project is funded by the Valais canton and the Swiss confederation.

The development works of the 3rd Correction of the Rhone River will locally impact the colmation layer of the river bed. A deepening of the bed implies the partial or total removal of the clogging layer, while a widening of the bed implies the flow of the river over an initially non-clogged bed. Moreover, the development of a dynamic river bed morphology in riffles and pools is likely to reduce chronically or permanently the clogging of the bed. The alteration of the colmation layer will locally induce higher infiltration rates, greater mixing of surface and subsurface water and increased transport speeds towards the wells exploiting the aquifer in the vicinity of the river, with possible impact on their vulnerability. Moreover the artificial lowering of the water table, via the pumping and discharge of groundwater in the Rhone river, can prove problematic in the case of polluted groundwater.

One of the main objective of the project is to improve the understanding of the river bed clogging dynamic in order to better predict the impact of R3 on groundwater.

The project mixes several approaches among which:

  • The analysis of times series of surface and sub surface water (discharge, head, temperature, electric conductivity and turbidity)
  • The mathematical simulation of clogging,
  • The punctual investigation of river bed conductivity and granulometry,
  • And the assessment of existing groundwater quality data in order to study.



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