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Information about the Covid-certificate

As with all UniNE courses, the Language Centre (LC) will require you to show a COVID certificate to access face-to-face courses. If for lectures, it is easy to set up a co-modal system with part of the students on site and another part online, this is hardly possible for active courses such as language courses. For this reason, we strongly discourage you from planning to take a LC course online if this course is labeled as being taught face-to-face in the course description. Indeed, online participation in this type of course will not allow you to follow what other students are saying or to see what the teacher is writing on the board. If you are unable to access the courses in the university buildings, we strongly recommend that you postpone your participation to the next semester.

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The Language Centre (LC) offers students as well as academic and administrative staff of the University of Neuchâtel the opportunity to train their linguistic competence in English, German, Spanish and Italian. These services are also open to students and academic staff of other Swiss universities/HES and members of the SAN.

We provide different types of weekly courses during the semester in English and German, as well as intensive courses during the spring break.

The LC aims to promote autonomous learning. Accordingly, a multimedia self-access learning centre (Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage = E.M.A.) is now opened: a place where learners can find resources and advice. Moreover, the LC organises all kinds of activities to develop and support learner’s autonomy, offering tutorials, monolingual and bilingual tandem programmes and workshops to help learn languages with apps.

The LC only focuses on English, German, Spanish and Italian. If you are interested to learn French as a foreign language, please see the Institut de langue et civilisation françaises (ILCF).



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