Fees and course format


Other institutions

(HE-Arc, EPFL, etc.)

  BA MA doctoral students Adademic staff and SAN members BA MA doctoral students Staff
Weekly course

CHF 182.-/semester

CHF 234.-/semester

CHF 234.-/semester

CHF 286.-/semester
Flexi-course CHF 126.-/semester CHF 168.-/semester CHF 168.-/semester CHF 182.-/semester
Beginner course A1 and A2 CHF 250.-/semester CHF 360.-/semester CHF 360.-/semester CHF 420.-/semester
Express course CHF 100.-/programme CHF 128.-/programme CHF 128.-/programme CHF 149.-/programme
English Intensive course  CHF 220.-/programme CHF 250.-/programme CHF 250.-/programme CHF 320.-/programme
German Intensive course CHF 355.-/programme CHF 375.-/programme CHF 375.-/programme CHF 375.-/programme
Workshops CHF 30.- CHF 30.- CHF 30.- CHF 30.-


These fees are based on an hourly rate of approximately CHF 8.- to CHF 12.- They do not cover the cost of the teaching materials (about CHF 40.-) and the extra registration fees for the international exams like IELTS, TOEFL or Goethe.

Payment is due before 30th September / 28th February. Past these dates, the fees are owed and no refund will be given.

Intensive course and express course must be paid before the start of the course.

  Weekly course and beginner course Flexi-course Express course Intensive course

2 hours a week during 1 semester (14 weeks of classes).

1 semester
Two-hour classes take place every two weeks or 45 minutes weekly. Participants should spend 10 hours in self-study (alone or in small groups) at the E.M.A., whenever is more suitable.
5 x 2 hours over 5 weeks

Two-hour or Three-hour blocks on seven days during the two weeks before the start of the spring/fall semester.

NB of participants 16, maximum 20 if a lot of people register
Terms and conditions Participants need to regularly attend courses (80% ratio of attendance is required) and meet the requirements of the course assessment.
Special conditions  —

Work at least 10 hours at the E.M.A. on a specified self-study project during the semester.

Work 8 hours at the E.M.A during the month.