Language Centre’s activities and services for doctoral students

Teaching and services

UniNE doctoral students have access to: the E.M.A., most courses offered by the LC and the paying services (coaching, translation and proofreading in French and English). Academic English courses are particularly useful to doctoral students: Academic Vocabulary, Grammar for Academic Purposes.
Please note that Academic writing courses are not opened to doctoral students as they will benefit more from the tailor-made coaching modules on offer (see below).

Coaching for academic writing in English (articles and PhD thesis)

Several coaches have been trained to assist doctoral students in their writing process (article, report or PhD thesis). Coaches use corpus-based tools to guide participants to write in a style at the closest to the average text in their (sub-)field.
A first meeting allows to decide together on the coaching’s objectives. The idea is to work on the needs and areas for improvement felt by the coachee or diagnosed by the coach. Three sessions are then scheduled, according to the participant’s need and their progress in the writing process.
This coaching offer is not a proofreading service but offers support in the writing process.
Price: CHF 720.- for 4 individual sessions
Coaching sessions can start at any time, depending on the participant’s schedule and the coaches’ availability.


Academic courses