SFM - Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies

The Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM) is a research and training institute at the University of Neuchâtel. As part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences the institute offers a master's degree with a unique specialization in “Migration and Citizenship.”

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Partnerships and Collaboration

The SFM actively participates in national and international research programmes. It directs international research projects and represents Switzerland in various European research networks. 

National Center of Competence in Research – The Migration-Mobility Nexus


The Center for the Understanding of Social Processes (MAPS)

Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (SCHR)


International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion: network of scholars



Recommended Literature


New Publications

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  • Fibbi, Rosita and Chantal Wyssmüller (2016). "“No encuentro bien ser cien por cien suiza” – Language of Origin and Identity Claims among Third-Generation Teens in Switzerland " Studi Emigrazione, LIII(204): 684-704.
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