Working Papers - nccr-on the move

Working Paper #13 - 2017

Alicia Loretan and Philippe Wanner
The Determinants of Naturalization in Switzerland between 2010 and 2012

Working Paper #12 - 2017

Lucia Della Torre
State’s Discretion and the Challenge of Irregular Migration – the Example of Permanent Regularization Practices in Spain and Switzerland

Working Paper #11 - 2017

Daniel Auer
Language Roulette – The Effect of Random Placement on Refugees’ Labour Market Integration

Working Paper #10 - 2016

Lorenzo Piccoli
Left out by the State, Taken in by the Region? Explaining the Regional Variation of Healthcare Rights for Undocumented Migrants in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland

Working Paper #9 - 2016

Liechti, Fabienne, Flavia Fossati, Giuliano Bonoli and Daniel Auer
The Signaling Value of Labor Market Programs

Working Paper #8 - 2016

Zschirnt, Eva
Revisiting Ethics in Correspondence Testing

Working Paper #7 - 2016

Zschirnt, Eva
Measuring Hiring Discrimination – A History of Field Experiments in Discrimination Research

Working Paper #6 - 2016

Fischer, Carolin and Janine Dahinden
Changing Gender Representations in Politics of Belonging: A Critical Analysis of Developments in Switzerland

Working Paper #5 - 2016

David A.J.G. de Groot
Pending Case C-438/14 Nabiel Peter Bogendorff von Wolffersdorff – Or is it Peter Mark Emanuel Graf von Wolffersdorff Freiherr von Bogendorff?

Working Paper #4 - 2016

Bauloz, Céline
Blurred Lines: Migration and Mobility in EU Law and Policy

Working Paper #3 - 2016

Baycan, Esma
The “ideal / Non-ideal Theory” Distinction Applied to the Social Justice Debate Beyond National Borders: European or Global?

Working Paper #2 - 2015

Auer, Daniel, Giuliano Bonoli and Flavia Fossati
It’s Discrimination, Stupid: Labour Market (Re-) Entry Difficulties among Different Immigrant Groups in Switzerland

Working Paper #1 - 2015

Steiner, Ilka and Philippe Wanner
Towards a New Data Set for The Analysis of Migration and Integration in Switzerland