Working Papers - nccr-on the move

Working Paper #28 - 2020


Eva Zschirnt, Giuliano Bonoli, Flavia Fossati

Why Do Employers Sometimes Prefer Minority Candidates? Theoretical Review and Empirical Test

Working Paper #27 - 2020


Philippe Wanner

Collection and Analysis of Quantitative Data in the Field of Migration. Past Trends, Current Status and Future Prospects

Working Paper #26 - 2020


Carlo Knotz, Mia Gandenberger, Giuliano Bonoli, and Flavia Fossati

R.I.C.E. – An Integrated Model of Welfare Deservingness Perceptions

Working Paper #25 - 2020


Paula Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik

Between Flows and Places: Conceptualizing the Migration-Mobility Nexus

Working Paper #24 - 2020

Katrin Sontag

Migration, Sustainability and Democracy Current Debates on Environmental, Social, and Political Issues

Working Paper #23 - 2019

Roxane Gerber and Philippe Wanner

De-Qualification and De-Emancipation among Recently Arrived Highly Skilled Immigrant Women in Switzerland

Working Paper #22 - 2019

Jonathan Zufferey

Segregation Patterns among Foreigners in Switzerland: A Multi-Scalar Approach (1990 – 2014)

Working Paper #21 - 2019

Annique Lombard and Jonathan Zufferey

International Graduates in Switzerland: Transitioning into the Labor Market

Working Paper #20 - 2019


Eva Zschirnt and Rosita Fibbi

Do Swiss Citizens of Immigrant Origin Face Hiring Discrimination in the Labour Market?

Working Paper #19 - 2018


Alice Milivinti

How many Migrants does the Swiss Pension System Need?

Working Paper #18 - 2018