Mobility in Switzerland and abroad

Mobility IN

Students who wish to spend a semester or more at the Faculty of Science of the University of Neuchâtel are required to follow mobility procedures in place at their home University. Once these are completed a study contract is established between the student and the Faculty of Science. This contract must be approved by the home University and then sent to University of Neuchâtel’s mobility office, at the latest by

10th July for the autumn semester

10th November for the spring semester

As soon as the application is approved by all parties, the mobility office will send the student all the necessary registration forms and information about the University of Neuchâtel.

Students that are admitted in the Mobility IN program of the University of Neuchâtel are required to attend the introductory meeting organized by the mobility office. At this meeting the students will receive their local student card and their personal access to the University’s ressources (e-mail address, iS-Academia for online course and exam registration and Moodle learning platform)

AZUR and BeNeFri Mobility:

Students are required to follow the formal registration regulation provided on the webpage of the mobility office.

Also, it is highly recommended that students regularly consult PIDHO for all course timetables as these can change during the semester. Students must also regularly consult their University email address as the Secretary and the Dean of the Faculty will send information exclusively to that email address.

For all questions related to programs at the Faculty of Science, the students can contact the Secretary of the Faculty or the Student councillor.   

Mobility OUT

The University of Neuchâtel offers its students of the Faculty of Science the opportunity to spend a semester or two abroad during their Bachelor or Masters program.

The Faculty of Science is member of the well-established European exchange program ERASMUS+, in partnership with institutions and Universities from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and many more.

Thanks to the PEE Québec program (CREPUQ), students can also enjoy a semester in one of the Canadian province’s renowned Universities.

Swiss mobility is also encouraged with the BeNeFri (Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg) and AZUR (Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel) exchange programs.

Last but not least, exchange agreements and collaborations also allow for one or two semesters in Universities in Mexico, the United States of America, Brasil, Colombia or even Australia.

For further enquieries please contact the mobility office.