Congratulations to all our graduates!

17 November 2023

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Academic awards

This year the Henri Grandjean Prize (CHF 500) for best work related to an economic or social issue is awarded to:

  • Tashi Gasser for his master dissertation entitled "Climate change, extreme temperatures and conflict: Evidence from mainland Southeast Asia" supervised by Prof. Bruno Lanz.

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18 November 2022

Diplomes-2022_FSE_1200px_IMG_7722.jpg (Remise des diplômes UniNE 2022)

Academic awards

Henri Grandjean Prize

This year, the Henri Grandjean Prize (CHF 500) for best work related to an economic or social issue is awarded to:

  • Pablo Beyer for his master dissertation entitled "Mobility behaviour and parking fare preferences of employees at the University of Neuchâtel" supervised by Prof. Nicole Mathys.


Interdisciplinary Academic Award for Sustainable Development

The Interdisciplinary Academic Award for Sustainable Development (CHF 2'500) is awarded to the best master thesis on a theme related to the sustainable development.

This year the price is awarded to our graduate:

  • Benjamin Ignoto for his master dissertation entitled "Carbon tax on air flights: Empirical evidence from the Unversity of Neuchâtel" supervised by Prof. Jean-Marie Grether.

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12 November 2021

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Academic awards

This year the Henri Grandjean Prize (CHF 500) for best work related to an economic or social issue is jointly awarded to two of our graduates:

  • Alessio Lombini for his master dissertation entitled "The impact of regulatory heterogeneity on Global Value Chain-related trade: Insights from a structural gravity model" supervised by Prof. Piergiuseppe Fortunato.
  • David Zahnd for his master  dissertation entitled " A daily indicator to monitor the health of The Swiss economy: does Franch-speaking news help to predict business cycles?" supervised by Prof. Daniel Kaufmann.


Interdisciplinary Academic Award for Sustainable Development

The Interdisciplinary Academic Award for Sustainable Development (CHF 2'500) is awarded to the best master thesis on a theme related to the sustainable development.

This year the prize is awarded to our graduate:

  • Nicola Francescutto for his master dissertation entitled "Did the carbon tax effectively reduce the demandfor heating fuels in the Swiss residential sector? Evidence from the SHBS" supervised by Prof. Nicole Mathys.

12 November 2020

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Unfortunately, due to the ongoing health crisis, we could not hold our traditional graduation ceremony this year. We nevertheless warmly congratulate our graduates of class '20!

This year the Henri Grandjean Prize (CHF 500) for best work related to an economic or social issue is jointly awarded to two of our graduates:

  • Rita Mairam Ischkanian Schmutz for her master dissertation entitled "Development and Violence: Empirical Evidence from Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam," supervised by Dr. Diana Pacheco.
  • Anthony Nguyen for his master dissertation "Refugees, migrants and the rise of the Swiss far-right," supervised by Dr. Marco Pecoraro.

Academic awards

Henri Grandjean prize

Laureate 2023

UNINE_FSE 2023_Prix-henri-grandjean 2023_Tashi Gasser.jpg (Remise des titres...

Tashi Gasser (Read more)


Laureate 2022

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Pablo Beyer


Laureates 2021

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Alessio Lombini



David Zahnd




Interdisciplinary Academic Award for Sustainable Development


Laureate 2022

UNINE_FSE_B. Ignoto.jpg (Remise des diplômes UniNE 2022)

Benjamin Ignoto. Read more


Laureate 2021

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Nicola Francescutto