Internship thesis


Step by step

  1. Start by finding an internship of at least twelve weeks and at most six months (full time). Opportunities for students may be available on the programme's dedicated web page.
  2. Provide the institution offering the internship (hereafter the host institution) with the exact terms of the internship (duties, remuneration, etc.). These terms will form the basis of an Internship certificate, to be submitted alongside the internship thesis.
  3. Find a professor in the faculty of the Master's programme who agrees to supervise your internship thesis. Agree on the subject of the internship thesis with your supervisor and the host institution.
  4. Once you have acquired at least 30 ECTS, complete the Master thesis registration form and submit it to the secretariat of the Institute of Economic Research (Pasqualina Lassagne). This document also includes your choice of major. (Note that the dates for submitting the Master thesis registration form are listed below).
  5. The secretariat will check the registration of your thesis, and send two copies of the Internship agreement to be signed by the host institution and the director of the Master's programme. One of the signed copies stays with the host institution, and the other is returned to the secretariat. 
  6. If required by the host institution, fill out and sign a Confidentiality agreement.
  7. Write your thesis during the internship, making sure to maintain regular contact with your supervisor. Use the official title page for your thesis.
  8. Register on IS Academia for the "Dissertation" course, at the beginning of the semester during which you will defend your thesis.
  9. Organise the date of the defence with your supervisor not later than the dates listed below. The assessment commitee is composed of the supervisor and a qualified representative of the host institution. The date of the defence is set by the professor, in agreement with the student and the representative of the host institution.
  10. Agree with your supervisor when you have to submit your final draft. there should be sufficient time for the assessment commitee to read the thesis before the defence. As an indication, that should be around 4 weeks before the defence. 
  11. For the defence, prepare the Validation and assessment of the thesis form duly filled in and hands it to the Thesis Director for grading.In agreement with your supervisor, prepare 20 min presentation of your dissertation and be prepared to answer questions by the assessment commitee.
  12. After a successful defence, corrrect your Master thesis within two weeks if needed and give to Pasqualina Lassagne the following documents:
    • two paper copies of the thesis bounded
    • one paper copy of the Pledge of honour
    • the completed form Validation and assessment of the thesis signed by the commitee
    • the Internship certificate (see 2 above)
    • the Confidentiality agreement (see 6 above)


  • Defence before January 17th: submit the Master thesis registration form no later than October 1st
  • Defence before June 13th: submit the Master thesis registration form no later than March 1st
  • Defence before September 5th: submit the Master thesis registration form no later than June 1st

Note: exceptions to these dates may be made with the agreement of the supervisor and host institution.