Katarzyna Grabska

Professeure invitée

Katarzyna is a social anthropologist, visiting professor at the University of Neuchâtel and senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (https://www.prio.org/People/Person/?x=8217). Her research focuses on gender, generation, youth, displacement, refugees, return of dispalced populations, impact of war on gender and generational relations, and identities, access to rights for refugees in urban settings, art and activism in the context of war and conflict. Katarzyna has researched since 2002 on displacement and forced migration issues in Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. She works with visual media, art-based research, feminist methodologies, and participatory methodologies. Since 2002, she has been carrying out a longitudinal study of gender relation transformations among Nuer from South Sudan in Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan and in Sudan, Khartoum.

She collaborates often with artists in her research, and engages with art-based research to understand issues of belonging, displacement, mobilities and identities. She also is a film-maker. At the University of Neuchâtel, she will be working principally on the project INSPIRE (Inspirational Creative Practice: the Work of Artists after War and Violent Conflict). 

Contact et CV

Institut d'ethnologie

Bureau 106

Rue Saint-Nicolas 4

CH-2000 Neuchâtel


Tél.: +41 32 718 16 34

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Intérêts de recherche

  • Gender, generation, youth
  • Displacement, refugees, return of dispalced populations
  • Access to rights for refugees in urban settings
  • Art and activism in the context of war and conflict
  • Participatory, arts-based research methods
  • Co-creation of knowledge
  • Feminist and decolonial methodologies
  • Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Horn of Africa: Eritrea and Ethiopia, Europe: Switzerland