International Conference and Teacher Training Conference

The Wider Implications of Machine Translation

Université de Neuchâtel, June 15-16 2023


The international Conference and Teacher training conference "The Wider Implications of Machine Translation: Theories, Predictions and Practices” aims to discuss the consequences of the ubiquitous use of machine translation (MT), especially in higher education, including its impact for translators, researchers, language teachers and language learners. The first day will focus primarily on language teaching and learning and will explore how to help learners develop a good MT literacy. This concept has been developed since 2019 and stresses the importance of discussing MT with users and sharing key information with them to help them use MT both critically and efficiently. 

On the second day, researchers from different subject areas (translation studies, computer science, second language acquisition and corpus linguistics) will share recent findings about MT with participants, each in their own field. This should lead to an interdisciplinary discussion of the implications of MT in different areas. See the updated programme on the next page.

Full description

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