The Centre for Criminological Research carries out individual and collaborative research making use of quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methodologies. It also provides services within fields such as security, policing, sentencing, and healthcare intervention.

Current research areas

  • Boundaries and overlaps between the social state and the penal state
  • Communication of scientific results to decision-makers in security-related fields
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure
  • Deviant and criminal pathways and involvement with the criminal justice system
  • DNA analysis and erroneous results
  • Domestic and sexual violence
  • Female violence and delinquency
  • Inquiries into victimisation: methodological issues
  • Integration of evidential interpretation models in scientific police work
  • Measures and modalities in non-carceral penal regulation
  • Non-custodial punishment and alternatives
  • Prisons and prison overpopulation
  • Punitivity (objective and subjective)
  • Restorative justice
  • Scientific evidence and miscarriages of justice
  • Scientific evidence and comparative criminal procedure
  • Trauma and mental health
  • Violence against women