Dre Véronique Jaquier Erard

Professor (Professeure titulaire)
Centre for Criminological Research

Tel. +41 32 718 1428
Building A.-L. Breguet 1, office 119

Véronique Jaquier Erard has a PhD in Criminology and a Master degree in Psychology. After studying in Switzerland (Université de Lausanne, École des sciences criminelles) and the United States (University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice), she received a three-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. She researched on the mental health impact of intimate partner and sexual violence against women in the United States (Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Prevention and Community Research). Her program of research focuses on the interrelations of women's and girls' victimization and their use of aggression as it affects mental health, substance use and risk behaviours. Specifically, this comprises the application of mixed methodology to examine the precursors, contexts, and consequences of women's and girls' victimization and use of aggression, with emphasis on understanding how criminal justice and social institutions impact life trajectories. Her research is informed by her clinical experience working with victims of intimate partner and sexual violence (Switzerland) and women and men using intimate partner violence (United States).

Since joining the CRRC, Véronique Jaquier Erard has conducted multiple research projects, for example on psychological intimate partner violence against women (in collaboration with Geneva University Hospitals and the School of Health Sciences Fribourg), and on incarcerated women’s health (in collaboration with Unisanté Lausanne). She completed several research contracts for the Federal Office for Gender Equality, regional offices, law enforcement, and criminal justice authorities.

As an Adjunct Professor at University of Neuchâtel Law School and a Lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Véronique Jaquier Erard has developed a series of courses on gender and crime, intimate partner and domestic violence, and sexual violence. Moreover, she specifically examines the research, practice, and policies surrounding victims of crime, bringing together contributions from criminology, victimology, psychology, and criminal law. Her teaching portfolio includes classes on comparative victimology, victims’ rights and counselling,  violence against women taught and prison health at Swiss and American universities and higher education schools.

Since 2022, Véronique Jaquier Erard has been a board member of the International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation, which aims to promote research in the field of crime prevention and treatment of deviant and delinquent individuals.


    Violence psychologique
    Santé des femmes en prison

    Psychologie légale


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