Hydrogeological processes

applied hydrogeology

The sustainable management of groundwater resources requires a detailed understanding of the functioning of the utilized aquifers. Appropriate methods for the acquisition of field data are an indispensable basis for the establishment of sound conceptual models of aquifers, which can serve as a basis to establish groundwater resources management plans or vulnerability maps.

In parallel, the Hydrogeological Processes Group is carrying out numerous studies on the functioning of groundwater flow systems under semi-arid conditions. The research includes studies to assess available groundwater resources in view of installation of new wells, the realization of tracer tests and studies to optimize the use of available groundwater resources to meet growing needs for irrigation and drinking water use.

Head of Group

Philip Brunner

Phone: + 41 (0) 32 718 26 74

Research Team

Philip Brunner

Former Members:

Karlis Kukemilks

​Oliver Schilling

Guillaume Gianni

Claire Carlier





January 30 - february 2, 2017

PEST Parameter ESTimation, Calibration and Quantification of Predictive Uncertainty

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May 8, 2015

Darcy Lecture (Aula C46, 16h-20h)


3rd - 5th of April 2013

3rd International HydroGeoSphere User Conference


13th of September 2012

IMP Collaboration between UniNE and NCGRT Australia