Le bâtiment principal et un arbre en automne

To help you navigate between the various entities which constitute the University, here is a brief glossary of must-know terms:

The Rectorate    

Comprising of the Rector and between three and five Vice-Rectors, this constitutes the executive body of the UniNE. In other words, this is where the institution’s big strategic decisions are taken, such as regulations, the budget, the nomination of professors and so forth. The Rectorate represents the UniNE at both national and international levels.

The Deaneries

These are comprised of between three and five members, of whom one is the Dean – and thus the Faculty president – and a further Vice-Dean. The members are elected for a period of two years by the Faculty Council, which manages and administers each faculty.

Central Administration (Domaine central - DC)

This term refers to the UniNE’s centralised administration service, and includes the General Secretariat, Academic Services, Human Resources, Accounts and Finances, the Academic Information and Library Service, the Sports Service, the Logistics Service and the Information Technology and Telecommunications Service.

University Council

This is the external body which advises the Rectorate on strategic questions, and oversees the UniNE’s activities. Of its nine members, five are chosen by the Conseil d’Etat (the canton’s executive body), and four by the University Assembly.

University Assembly

The University Assembly represents the university’s entire community. As well as establishing the University’s statutes and certain of its regulations, the Assembly is consulted by the Rectorate regarding strategic planning. The UA is comprised of 24 individuals, representing the professorial staff (twelve members), the remaining teaching staff (four members), the student body (four members) and the administrative, technical and library staff (four members).

Dies academicus          

The Dies academicus is the University’s official day, taking place in early November. This long-established ritual features the procession of staff in their academic gowns, speeches, and the award of honorary doctorates to distinguished guests.


This Latin word – alumnus in the singular – designates former students of an institution of further education. The UniNE has three associations for alumni: the Society of Alumni, Graduates and Friends of the University (SAN); UniNExt, the Association of Faculty of Law Alumni; and the Neuchâtel Society of Economics and Business (SNSE).

Core services

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Central Administration
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