Studying at Neuchâtel


The University of Neuchâtel (UniNE) is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, between Geneva, Bern and Zurich. With a stunning backdrop provided by lake and the Alps beyond, it hosts more than 4000 students, with 42% coming from other Swiss cantons and 22% from abroad.

A variety of courses

With its four faculties – Arts and Humanities, Science, Law, and Economics and Business – the UniNE is a university offering a substantial and comprehensive range of courses.

Innovative programmes

The UniNE’s courses are constantly evolving to reflect society. With its commitment to innovation in communication and technology, the UniNE is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; every day, its teaching and research seek out effective answers to the ethical, economic, legal and cultural consequences of innovation in our society. By choosing the UniNE, students face the challenges of “Society 4.0” head-on.

The ideal size

The UniNE’s modest size sets it apart from the crowd. Its students benefit from easy access to teaching staff and research teams, and its friendly atmosphere promotes the free exchange of ideas.


Our strengths

Groupe d'étudiants

Small is beautiful

What makes us special

Living in Neuchâtel

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