A small university with many USPs

Groupe d'étudiantes et d'étudiants

The UniNE serves the entire Jura region, but it is much more than a regional university. As a small yet dynamic institution, its strengths range from its comprehensive curriculum and high quality tuition to the free exchange of ideas between students and teaching staff. Since 2016, it has ranked among the top 20 European universities with fewer than 5000 students.

« Small is beautiful »

With its modest size, the University is well-regarded for its dynamism and the close level of supervision which its staff provide. It is also renowned for its welcoming attitude to the many students and research staff who hail from almost one hundred different countries, bolstering the institution’s cultural diversity. All these essential qualities help students to develop a more reflective, critical and analytical mindset.

High-quality tuition and research

Tuition is provided by internationally renowned professors dedicated to both teaching and research. This enables our students to immerse themselves in fascinating and cutting-edge projects, taking part in groupwork, seminars, fieldwork and internships. These opportunities open up new avenues into the world of work, thanks to the many relationships fostered between the University’s institutes and the business community beyond.

Moving with the times

As part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution of digitisation and connectivity, the UniNE offers a huge range of study and research programmes in innovative domains – particularly in relation to issues of digitisation and the challenges of sustainable development, and the corresponding societal and technological changes.


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The UniNE among the best universities with fewer than 5000 students!

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