Education and career fairs

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Every year, the University of Neuchâtel takes part in a dozen education and career fairs, introducing itself to future students.

Education and career fairs aim to introduce degree programmes to young people in the wider community. High schools, universities and various other associations and businesses take part in these fairs, providing information stands, talks and workshops in which students can participate.

These events are designed for high school students and college students, as well as young people preparing for a professional or federal maturité diploma.

Coming events

  • High school visits

24.03.2022 - Lycée Denis-de-Rougemont, Neuchâtel

04.04.2022 - Lycée Jean-Piaget, Neuchâtel

29.03.2022 - Lycée Blaise-Cendrars, La Chaux-de-Fonds

  • 02.2022 - Forum Horizon - Vaud

A meeting for second-year gymnase students or those preparing to take a professional maturité diploma
Organisation : Office cantonal d’orientation scolaire et professionnelle du Canton de Vaud
Location: Online event



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