Sports and cultural activities

Une étudiante et un étudiant sur une scène de théâtre

Sport, theatre and a world besides

With its fifty different sports, two theatre groups, two choirs and cinema club, the University of Neuchâtel offers a vast range of activities for you to pursue in tandem with your studies.


With easy access to the lake and the mountains, a multitude of sports can be practised at Neuchâtel. In winter and summer alike, Sports universitaires de l’Université de Neuchâtel (SUN) offers a range of different activities.

From skiing and snowshoeing to golf, tennis and sailing, some 110 courses and over 50 different sports are offered on a weekly basis. Besides traditional sports – including gym facilities –UniNE students have the opportunity to practise more unusual activities, such as aikido, aikibudo, capoeira and various types of dance. Also on offer is a large range of “wellbeing” disciplines, helping you to prioritise your health. Most sports are free to practise, or competitively priced.

Cultural activities

For those of a dramatic bent, two excellent theatre companies await:

For fans of the silver screen, the cinema club Halluciné offers viewings and debates:

And for a pitch-perfect finale, the University Choir and the Pange Lingua Ensemble, a chamber music choir:



Sport-study concept


Custom programme

Combining sport and studies


Planche à voile sur le lac de Neuchâtel

Sport activities on offer