Research fields

Marketing & Consumer Behaviour

  • Social Marketing and behaviour change
  • Technology and consumer behaviour
  • Sustainable products marketing
  • Luxury marketing (e.g., status, power)
  • Branding
  • Impact of digitalization on marketing​

Groupe : Prof. Valéry BezençonProf. Bruno Kocher


Management & strategy & innovation

  • Social, sustainability, and technology innovation
  • Innovation, change, renewal and Inertia
  • Business opportunities and business models
  • Opportunity recognition, megatrends and issues
  • Cognitive perspectives in management and organization research
  • Strategic leadership

Groupe : Prof. Claudia Jonczyk-Sédès / Prof. Emmanuelle Reuter


Human resources Management

  • Managing and leading HR in digital oriented and knowledge intensive firms
  • HR management for network organizations
  • HR management for inclusive and sustainable firms and societies
  • Inclusive corporate governance
  • International HR management
  • Collaborative organizational forms and business development
  • Organizational and HR development within media industries
  • News media business development and sustainability

Groupe : Prof. Cinzia Dal Zotto