The Institute offers a wide range of core courses providing the necessary knowledge in mathematics, statistics and computer science to students following economics, finance and management programs.

Course description

  • Bachelor

    Mathématiques appliquées 1
    Mathématiques appliquées 2
    Statistique descriptive
    Technologies de l’information
    Systèmes d’information
    Statistique inférentielle
    Statistical learning
    Software Design
    Bases de donées
    Gestion des opérations

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The institute is charged with the management of the module “Data Science for Business”. The courses included in this module allow students enrolled in the various master's programs to acquire the necessary skills in the fields "Business Analytics" and "Business Intelligence".

Course description

  • Master

    Computational Thinking
    Data Science for Business
    Data Management
    Business Analytics
    Machine Learning
    Méthodes quantitatives pour managers
    Enjeux des systèmes d'information

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The institute supervises PhD theses on topics directly related to key research areas of our staff members : knowledge representation and data mining . Among the topics covered by recent theses we may enumerate : temporal and spatial data mining, dynamic ontologies, qualitative reasoning, formalism for management of dynamic processes , etc . Most of PhD theses are supported by grants provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation or other private and public partners .

The awarded title are: PhD in computer science, PHD in Information Systems and PHD in Statistics

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